Shunt reactor switching with Point-on-Wave

Mitigating inrush currents and re-ignition during shunt reactor switching

shunt reactor switching
Enspec power

The Problem In Detail

Enspec supplied a pair of 33kV shunt reactors to Athena for Kincardine Wind Farm. There was a concern around inrush currents and re-ignition as system studies highlighted the reactors would need to be switched in and out fairly regularly.

shunt reactor switching
shunt reactor switching

Finding the Solution

Enspec designed a pair of 33kV Point-on-Wave switching panels combining SynchroTeq relays with high performance vacuum circuit breakers. These would handle all switching operations for the shunt reactors mitigating inrush currents on closing, and re-ignition on opening.

Point-on-Wave switching
shunt reactor switching

Making it all Work

Enspec carried out a full testing and pre-commissioning procedure to characterise the vacuum circuit breaker timing information and ensure the Point-on-Wave system was targeting the correct switching points.

Point-on-Wave switching
reactive power compensation

What that means for the project now

The panels are now on-site and awaiting the final commissioning visit once the Wind Farm is ready to go live.

Learn more about SynchroTeq Point-on-Wave switching here.

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